The Happiness Industry

The Happiness Industry: How the Government & Big Business sold us wellbeing was published by Verso in 2015. It’s published in Italian by Einaudi,  in Spanish by Malpaso and in Turkish by Sel Yayincilik.

Essays and discussions surrounding the book and its themes are collected here.



‘How friendship became a tool of the powerful’ – Guardian Long Read

‘All the Happy Workers’ – The Atlantic



“Deeply researched and pithily argued, Davies’s work is a welcome corrective to the glut of semi-scientific happiness books that have become so popular in business and management circles, and which rarely, if ever, acknowledge the larger ideological goals of workplace well-being.” – New York Magazine

“A fascinating study… What Davies recognises is that capitalism has now in a sense incorporated its own critique” – Terry Eagleton, The Guardian

“When the 18th-century philosopher Jeremy Bentham suggested that maximising happiness was the job of government, he inspired a quest to measure happiness that continues today. Until recently, the only effective tool for that—as the political scientist Will Davies explains in a forceful new book, The Happiness Industry—has been money.” – Observer

“As Davies implies in this readable, disturbing book, being depressed by the human condition will no longer be socially acceptable, or even an option. The state or big business will soon see to it!” – Independent

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