Why we stopped trusting elites

Long Read on populism and the crisis of trust, published in The Guardian. An audio version of this article is also available.

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  1. your use of the word populist in your article demonstrates the nature of your thought and the message the “long read” is engineered to send.
    the candidate who is most popular ie gets the most votes within the electoral system as previously agreed is the winner. not an imposter not populist except that they are popular with the voters.
    Donald trump, Mrs May, macron and all the others are the political leaders.
    your message is that some “wrong think” winners are not winners but “populist” and therefore imposters.
    your article is Post Truth. it contains little truth and all the truth it contains is used to mislead and obscure the TRUTH.
    I personally voted remain but brexit won therefor brexit we should brexit
    we all voted and brexit won not remain weather I like the outcome or not.
    Democracy not the rigged selected approved outcome, but democracy which this article attacks throughout.
    there is apparently a “right answer” your answer and we had all better agree
    this article is like the elite, identity politics, progressives. Bancrupt dishonest with no integrity. Lying and using engineered language to manipulate to gain an outcome that has no value, justice or truth.
    it misrepersents facts indeed avoides them and is particularly selective in the use of false media.
    so tommy robinson a man whose politics are a far cry from my own
    he was proved right (once) the government and the police and judiciary colluded to pervert the course of justice and when he spoke up on the issue they jailed him. most people are poorly informed but they arnt stupid.
    the media colluded in vilifying mr robinson But he was telling the truth.
    (Girls were being raped and denied safety and justice)
    something the progressives elites and media value not one jot.
    if there is no food in the cupboard telling a lie that there is will not feed you.
    there remains NO food and you will starve….. that’s why the truth matters

    or to make it more resonant with today
    if you are raped or falsely accused then you were raped or falsely accused. lying wont change the truth.
    hiding the accusers the evidence and the even the accusation dosent make the accusation true.
    it does make the truth hard to find. and recently this attitude has killed a number of people like carl sargent.
    did he didn’t he we will never know BECAUSE the people who are looking at the situation are lying they will not tell us anything not who or when or what NOTHING

    I recently answer a local council questionnaire about our fire brigade . one question asked is 8 minutes from raising the alarm at the fire station to being on site a good time or not. NO facts were provided, just the question.
    I phoned and asked them how many die if your there in 5 minutes or in 10 or 15. how much more property damage is done with a longer lead time. if we save no more lives and their is little more damage why rush
    but if one more life on average is saved if the fire engine arrive in 5 minutes then we need to be faster.
    but they expected me to choose no evidence who knows
    Carl Sargent was killed by alligations that have NO foundation no facts are nothing just like the fire brigade question.
    no justice can be done seen to be done. TRUSTED
    note the minister who was questioned on the issue who said its not right then within 24 hour “right think” was back
    and all was well we should pervert the course of justice for special groups the “proper procedure had been followed”
    the kangaroo court supported results as chosen by the “correct think people”
    dead people of the “wrong sort” don’t matter just like the labour party worker caught up in the same case of mass lies who died. sexminster how many real bad guys were found ….. any just asking
    and how many dead……
    but it didn’t go the way they wanted so the women and equalities committee are meeting to address that
    when “correct think” lies are told they must be believed and the “right” result gained.
    truth and peoples lives are of NO value NONE

    I picked just two out of the “long read” (“long PR lie”)
    almost every point if not every point made is false
    every one of them a tissue of fabricated hand crafted falsehoods designed to mislead.
    each and everyone I could have shown to be disingenuous but space and time
    and the deaf don’t hear no matter how often you shout or how important the message
    Lord help and I sincerely mean that anyone who has a mind that believes that pile of crap
    what a twisted mess of valueless depravity their mind is. it has no foundations at all.
    I don’t concider lies or narcissism are foundations of any value.


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